Stafford Meadows

2019 Street of Dreams

Countdown to the Opening Event!

What is Stafford Meadows?

It is the first section being built within Wilsonville’s newest housing development, Frog Pond, and will be a cornerstone of the walkable, connected community that Frog Pond is envisioned to be. 

All information for Oregon’s Street of Dreams 2019 is provided by public records, city plans, and the official NW Natural Street of Dreams Site.

The Vision for Stafford Meadows

Frog Pond’s homes, streets, open spaces, neighborhood-scale retail, and other uses fit together into walkable, cohesive, and connected neighborhoods. Frog Pond is a fun place to live.

Streets are designed for safe and enjoyable travel by bike, on foot, or by car. A great network of trails is provided. Safe crossings and connections are provided throughout the street and trail network. Provide access to nature The creeks and natural areas provide opportunities to see and interact with nature close to home.

Beautiful parks, quality schools, and other public spaces serve as community centers and gathering places. The land uses, transportation, and open space around the Advance Road school and park sites support a compatible neighborhood plan in that area. The Frog Pond Grange, and adjacent uses, fit together as a focal point of the community.

A variety of attractive homes are provided to fulfill the City’s housing needs and align with the market. Single-family homes, including some on large lots, are a significant part of the mix. Neighborhoods are designed to be multi-generational and offer a diversity of attractive housing options at a variety of prices.

A realistic funding plan for infrastructure, smart and flexible regulations, and other strategies promote successful implementation of the plan.

Frog Pond is truly connected – it is an easy and safe walk, drive, bike trip, or bus ride to other parts of Wilsonville, and Frog Pond feels like a well-planned extension of the city.

Mature native trees are integrated into the community to enhance the area’s character and value. Honor Frog Pond’s history A sense of history is retained, recognized, and celebrated. Provide compatible transitions to surrounding areas New urban land uses are good neighbors to adjacent rural land uses, future developable areas, and existing neighborhoods. The plan provides for future growth of the City into adjacent urban reserves.

Extensive walkways, community gardens, recreational facilities, and other elements support active and healthy lifestyles. Integrate sustainability The plan integrates solutions which address economic, environmental and social needs. Frog Pond is a sustainable community over the long term.

The plan is consistent with the Wilsonville Transportation System Plan for all modes of travel: trails, bikeways, SMART, and vehicles. Traffic impacts are managed for key streets and intersections, including the I-5 interchanges.