Your 2019 Street of Dreams Builders

Anonlon home is a returning builder who specialize in custom homes. Last year they won the people & Realtor’s Choice Award for Best in Show, Best Master Suite, Best Kitchen, and Best Interior Design.

Renaissance Homes is the 2018 National Association of Home Builders Best in American Living Award, and 40 previous Street of Dreams awards including 6 Best in shows awards.

BC Customs has built 11 past homes for street of dreams, and have won 19 rewards from past years. In 2018, they took home the professional’s choice rewards for Best Architecture, Best Interior Design, and Best of Show.

West Hills is the firm taking the entire Stafford meadows development under its wing as well as its own home on the street of dreams so their home will definitely be one to see.

Another returning builder who have won awards the past two years for Best Outdoor Living, Best Kitchen, overall Best in Show and more! We can’t wait to see them surpass their prior success.

Everett brings a unique talent to the show. They build with efficiency and character in mind. Having won previous green building awards, their portland experience will bring a bit of character to our newest Street of Dreams.

Red Hills home in the 2014 Street of Dreams was a truly marvelous mix of old styles and modern touches. Their personal character makes their homes standout and their addition will nicely finish off this years street.